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Hi everyone that is reading this. As golivewire, teenhut and most other Teen Forums have shut down. We thought we may as well open TF Back open to the public for teens to hang out, chat and get support. The Teen Forums that are left suck using mobile phones. As everyone seems to be using mobile phones these days, we decided to make our Forum fully mobile compatible so you can post on the go.

As you can see we are pretty new and have not much activity, but you can change this by telling all your friends to join up and help support what will be a great Teen Forum hangout. I am admin and creator of AKA but I'll be also seen as one of the support team to help and support those in need. I am not one of those admins that login hiding my online status and staying anonymous to the world. I will be socializing with others like a normal member. I'm not the admin with the giant head saying I'm king, I own this, I made this, you do it my way. I created this Teen Forum to help others out, it's that simple. My PM box is always open if you want to private message me about something.

If we can all help one another out, support those in need, support each other and make this place awesome, that would be great. Giving advice help and support to those that need it, is a important part of our community. Like, if I can help and support others, that alone would help me sleep at night. I simply love helping people that's it!

Now...Hi and welcome to AKA Teen Forums. Make your self at home!

This thread has continued here: https://akatf.com/threads/welcome-to-teen-forums-take-2.1/

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